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baby zander, one year old today! – toronto baby photography

When your life has been shattered into a million tiny pieces like a china plate hitting the floor your first thoughts might be, my life is ruined; or how can anything good come out of this?  Putting the pieces back together seems like an impossible task, even if you have the right glue and access to all the resources in the world.

A grandmother’s account

When Zander’s sister was born 7 years ago she was diagnosed with a rare connective tissue disorder called Loeys-Dietz syndrome.   Our lives came to a complete halt.  For two years all we did was eat, sleep and drive back and forth to SickKids.   When Nevaeh’s medical issues began to peter off our lives took on a new normal and then WHAM we were hit again.  Nevaeh’s mother had been experiencing back pain on and off for several years when the pain took a turn for the worse.  She was rushed in for neurosurgery to have a large tumor removed from the base of her spinal cord.   The doctor said he was confident that he could remove the tumor entirely, but he indicated there was a strong possibility that she may loose the use of her legs.  It was like turning a corner and slamming into a brick wall.  Now my daughter whose life was already shattered just a few years ago was faced with the possibility of never walking again and raising a child on her own.   But – miracles do happen!  The surgery was a great success.  Not only did my daughter recover but she walked right into the arms of a loving and wonderful man and has been warmly welcomed by his family.  They bought their first home and one year ago today Mom, Dad and Nevaeh welcomed a new life into their family.

After learning what this family has gone through in the last few years, it was a delight to witness their love and ability to put the past behind them.   Baby Zander was having a bit of an off day when we did this shoot none-the-less he is just the sweetest little boy ever.  Despite not being able to change what happened in the past, Zander’s arrival in this family was perfect timing and proves that love is stronger than any glue.