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Callum and Jamie, toronto children’s photography

The first time that I captured these 2 adorable boys, was a few months ago.  Callum was just a few days old.  Just recently I had the opportunity to work with them once-again.  Wow, all the signs of time passing so quickly were quite evident during this shoot.  Sweet 3 year old Jamie was providing big brother guidance to Callum who was now crawling all over the place showing off his independence and desires to explore the world.   Can’t wait to capturing these two again and witness their growing and vibrant personalities.

A special thank you to mom for taking the time to share her experience, it means so much to me! xox to a sweet family.

“Irina is one of the best photographers I have ever had the pleasure of dealing with. She first did my shots for the Crave book, and my experience was so calm, fun and not at all intimidating. It was my first ever photo shoot, and I was nervous and had no idea what to expect. Not only did she capture me, post-baby and nervous, in a beautiful way, she also captured the feel of my mystery party business so uniquely that my profile really stood out in the book. Shortly after, we moved about 90 minutes away, and started looking locally for a photographer to take some of our first family pictures. The process was frustrating, and after a few bad experiences, I decided that we would make the journey with our family from then on to get the amazing quality and experience of dealing with Irina. After the birth of my second son, we loaded up the family and went to visit Irina for full family shots, and have just done it again with some Christmas updates of the boys as they grow. I can’t even explain how impressed I am with Irina, not only with her incredible talent and creativity, but also with her beautiful personality. She is able to get the best out of my boys, and has captured my business and my family beautifully. She has an eye for the innocence and magic of their age, and I will come back to her for as long as possible!” ~ Leigh Clements Shot In The Dark