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Kristyne – Modern Luxury Portrait

By nature women are caregivers who often place the needs of others before their own. Whether we are mothers, professionals, business women, sisters or daughters who are caring for other family members, often our own self-care begins to decline.

I came to this realization my-self a couple of years ago when my son was born. Being a mother, sharing life with my husband and maintaining a career, certainly has challenging moments.

Recently, I found myself behind schedule, the baby laundry needed starting, I couldn’t’ find my lens case and I was still pureeing peas when the sitter arrived. None-the-less, I managed to scramble out the door. At the studio the makeup artist was busy touching up my client, she looked gorgeous. Suddenly I caught a glimpse of myself in the dressing room mirror and nearly died with embarrassment. I looked as though I had just emerged from a swamp, with no makeup on and a huge smudge of spit up on my shoulder.

This new juggling journey has inspired me to create a portrait division entitled Modern Luxury Portraits which focuses on the enduring qualities of women, their passion, their work, their love. The launch of this division which took place in August of 2012 landed me the opportunity to work with more than a dozen beautiful and inspiring women. Throughout the coming year I look forward to sharing with you a stunning collection of images that showcase the inner beauty and strengths of everyday women.

Recently in my studio I had the honour of working with Kristyne, the session like all the others was absolutely delightful. As part of the process, at the end of each session I ask that my clients provide me with a little feedback on how they felt prior to and during their session.

Kristyne’s Response:
“At first when I was getting ready I was so nervous and self-conscious… but the ease of the session… and your guidance made it so laid back. I really started to enjoy myself … not even having to think about the poses. Once I looked at the pictures I felt … well my confidence was certainly boosted. Wow I look like that! Right-on … haha”

Professional Makeup: Brushed Designs, Karen Henderson