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Life in 24 Frames: For the Love of Cars – Toronto Portrait Photographer

In our house everywhere we look, you have toy cars, trucks and train cars lined up in rows. Along the sofa, across the coffee table, end to end in all shapes and sizes. While taking a quick about turn to exit your bedroom the other day, I noticed a line-up on top of your toy chest. Suddenly my head snapped back to take a second look “woe that’s out of context – I was looking for that earlier”. In doing so I also said to myself “clever little guy”! You actually had a lipstick tube lined up amongst the other vehicles.

Oh my goodness Patrick, we are just amazed at the amount of information you have managed to absorb about your new found passion. Wheels, wipers, lights, rims, trim – eyes wide and beaming with excitement like a salesperson – you’ve got the gab down to a science. Our adventures around the city are quite informative these days, as you announce each and every brand on the road, interspersed with “what’s dat, what’s dat”. Not sure where this is all going, but at least like the vehicles – it looks as though we’re heading in the right direction.