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Life in 24 Frames, Yippee a snow day – Toronto Portrait Photographer

The process of shooting a roll, waiting for the film to develop, scanning and digitally looking at my capture is a familiar process that I am falling in love with once again. Capturing a story through the art of photography is no easy process, while the journey has been refreshing, it has reminded me to slow down and think through the process.

As I mentioned earlier, my personal photographic project for 2013, is entitled Life in 24 Frames and seeing as how my subject, is a special little person, it is only appropriate to include him, in the developing process. On route to Toronto Image Works (TIW) at King and Spadina, I spoke of where we were heading and why. In his sweet tiny voice he kept repeating in the car. “Me film mommy – me film.” “Yes that’s right Patrick – it’s your film.” I became familiar with TIW while studying photography many moons ago and have truly valued their quality service and professionalism. It only occurred to me once we arrived that I should have captured our visit. Oh well next time!

While walking back to our car along King Street, suddenly Patrick became absolutely mesmerized. He stopped dead in his tracks and hollered. “What’s dat mommy?” For the last ten days he’s been on the look-out for streetcars, but there are none in our neighbourhood. Hmmm – perhaps a street car ride is in order for one our next adventures.

I am dividing this post into two sections: Yippee a snow day; and For the Love of Cars (to follow next week). These two adventures were my main highlight for February.

Life in 24 Frames: Yippee a snow day

Winter storms are inevitable, and despite the havoc and traffic chaos – if you can’t beat it, you might as well enjoy it. Toronto’s first major storm on February 8, 2013 was certainly one we will remember. With 28 cm falling fast, we decided to venture outdoors and experience first-hand the beauty and joy.

As we stepped out, your little heart over-flowed with excitement, soon followed by outbursts of giggles and your cheeks turned ruby red. You sat in a shelter of pure white fluffy snow – eyes bright, wide and filled with glee, taking in all the fuss and frantic shoveling. After a short time, we declared a forfeit and ventured back indoors to participate in another winter past-time. For the love of hot coco on a blustery day, oh how blessed we are to share a winter wonderland with you.