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Life in 24 Frames

Witnessing other people’s lives through a camera lens – laughter, tears, proud and astonishing moments, the bond between two, and the twinkle of pure love, has provided me with insight and has further fueled my passion for life.

Two years ago my life became sweetened with the arrival of Patrick. Despite the loss of freedom and identity that occurs during parenthood, I have to admit when I look at this little person I am astonished by the joy in my heart which he ignites.

One thing is for certain, time just passes so quickly. Goodness me, I cannot believe it has been eight years since I launched my photography business let alone, how the last 2 years since the birth of my son has just flown by.

Pursuing a career, being a new mom, preserving my identity and maintaining a passion for life, definitely has its challenging moments. Recently I came to a striking realization – as a photographer, while I’m capturing the precious moments of other people’s lives – I am missing many special moments in my own. While traveling back and forth, between home and studio, I have been experiencing flash frames in my mind. Images of my life, juggling client bookings combined with potty training. Throwing together oddball meals, while darting back and forth, between the kitchen and edits at my computer. Parenthood, earning a living and keeping up with the latest social trends and technological advancements is certainly changing the ways in which we live. In order to cope with the chaos, many of us are adopting a happy medium, maintaining our grass-root ethics while keeping up with the latest trends.

I fell in love with photography during the era of the film camera, when the capture required a well planned shoot of 24 frames (or 36 if you prefer). Despite the fact that digital photography is less costly, provides instant gratification and manipulation is a snap, there are still many techniques that trained film photographers bring to the modern experience.

Film photography involves a precise understanding of light source, subject composure, shutter speed, focal length and film speed sensitivity. There is also something quite unique about film photography, and that is – the anticipation. Developing film takes time and our fast paced society seems to be losing the ability to wait.

In celebration of my many years as a photographer I have decided to challenge my skills as a photographer and synergistically blend my passion for life, motherhood and image capture.

Life In 24 Frames is my personal challenge assignment for 2013, capturing the developmental milestones of my son Patrick, while incorporating my grass-roots photography training. Apart from my regular blog postings, every month I will share this personal photographic challenge featuring my authentic film captures. I invite you to follow my journey and if you desire, participate in my monthly Photo Challenge; Life in 24 Frames, motivating you to comment and post links to your film photography galleries.

Here are my first 8 frames from my first roll of film. A short series of Patrick and I strolling to our neighboring park; an editorial of his everyday love for adventure.

cold sunshine,

frozen eyes of wonder,

observing, snuggling,

is it nap time yet?