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Life is forever changing!

One miraculous aspect of photography, apart from preserving a moment, is the ability to look back at a series of photos and note the subtle or drastic changes which have taken place. As we all know, life does not stand still, it is forever changing – and so too, businesses evolve.


My photographic career began as a wedding photographer, and I have to say; it is truly an honour to be invited into the lives of people who are making such a sacred commitment, uniting their love.

Two and three years later, many of my wedding clients have welcomed me back into their lives, to capture how their love has harmonized into the miracle of life. Witnessing the excitement of expectant parents, and the love in their hearts when they proudly introduce me to their little “bundles of joy” has further fueled my passion for life.

With my portfolio changing over the years, I have found myself becoming more known as a “Baby and Family Artist” and the image of my business has followed suit.



With the birth of my own child two years ago, I now have a deeper understanding of the emotions and joys that I have been witnessing in my clients over the past few years.

Nine years has now passed since I began my photographic journey. Looking back through my portfolios I am amazed at how my photography skills have grown and how my business image and style of branding has further shifted.


I am blessed to have a career that incorporates all of my passions and I am truly looking forward to sharing the next chapter of my life with you.

Capturing the uniqueness of you and your family – is what I do.