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How to take better photos of your toddler!


This is my 16.5 month old daughter!
She is your typical toddler … always on the move.
Life is exciting and must be explored!

Parents often ask me how do you get images where they are engaged and in contact for a proper photo? For all those interested, I am starting a weekly series to help you the parent take everyday images of your little people. I’ll have my little girl as our model 🙂

Some common questions I’ve heard ….

My toddler is always on the move?
They won’t hold still even for a second!?
They are more interested in touching the camera?

Allow your little one to get close to the camera, they just want to know what all the fuss is about. Once they have moved on to another interest, become engaged with play (with the camera close by!) Some common games could be ~ singing a favourite song. As they begin to focus with play, move them in the direction you wish to take a photo. In the example with my little girl, she tends to roam, I’ve placed her on something to sit, this way she has zero chance of running away on me! Now I can continue to take images and with my engagement in her favourite play as I focus capturing her personality!

If you have a question you would like my help with, please leave a comment below!